Skydome Mounting Tips
Versatile cartop tent setup

Instructions for Mounting on Roofrack
Nifty locking system to keep your Skydome safe

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Sets up in less than two minutes!


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Skydome cartop roof rack mounted tents are in stock now!

Skydome Video
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Glacial Lake Blue
Check this Skydome colour

Keep the Skydome dry in the rain

Mounting your Skydome
Ways to set it up

Theft Insurance
Nifty locking system to keep your Skydome safe



Inside the Skydome
Have a look
  Inside the Skydome
Have a look

Now $US 995, including both accessories

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 Please note:  only Glacial Lake Blue colour available now.
Roof Rack not included

Please note:  It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the Skydome is securely and safely attached to the vehicle, and to check to be sure all nuts, bolts and fasteners are tight and secure to prevent the Skydome from coming detached from the vehicle and to ensure important components are secure.  We recommend using a professionally installed roof rack with the Skydome


Camping means making life simple again. Getting away from it all. Leaving all those problems and frustrations behind.

The Skydome is all you need to enjoy camping. The Skydome unfolds in seconds to become your base camp. 

Our locking system secures the Skydome to your car - insurance against theft.

You sleep in secure comfort above the ground, away from danger, such as snakes or wildlife. There are no pegs to drive in rocky ground, no poles, no lines to trip over. Only the security of your own vehicle and a good, dry night's sleep.

When it's time to move on, the Skydome folds to a compact, aerodynamic shape in no time at all.

At 90 pounds, two people can easily carry the Skydome to a convenient storage space in any house or apartment.

We recommend the Skydome for hiking adventures - a convenient way to position yourself close to your destination hike.  Bring your GPS, survival equipment, daypack, and explore, knowing that your bed is where your vehicle is.

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